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Bali Villas, Long Term Rental

International travelers know that long term rental is the way to go when staying in Paket Tour Bali. Whether you rent a very private villa in the serene countryside for peaceful relaxation and inspiration, or find Bali accommodation in a "hotel-style" villa collection located in the glitzy seaside tourist destinations, most luxury villas can be rented by the week or even by the month. To get the most out of a vacation on the Island of the Gods, many visitors opt for a long-term stay. Island Living in Style Bali villas for rent combine elegant open-style island-living design, local artisanship, and luxury features such as private pools, large gardens, secluded gazebos, and large decks from which to enjoy the spectacular island scenery or ocean views. They may be privately-owned single villas - like many of those located inland among the rice fields and temples where the passage of time has left very little trace on local daily life - or they may be part of a larger collection, managed and staffed much like high-end resort hotels or condos, with a long list of included modern amenities. Many of the villas in Seminyak, for example, offer guests such extras as daily housekeeping, on-site cooks, private parking, babysitting services, complimentary Wi-fi and satellite TV, 24-hour security, and airport pickups and drop-offs. The English-speaking staff and/or managers at the majority of these Bali villa rental units are attentive and helpful, happy to arrange visitors tours, excursions, spa treatments, and activities of daily life. With modern conveniences, hosts of helpful staff, and proximity to some of the best shopping, recreational activities, and dining on the island, the Bali villa long term rental option provides the ideal combination of exotic tropical charm and modern luxury living.  

Many Options for Different Traveler Needs Travelers come to stay in Bali for a variety of reasons, from family fun vacations to rejuvenation retreats for spiritual wellness to luxury resort getaways. With so many accommodations to choose from across the island, visitors can always find a villa in Bali to suit their needs. There are a wide variety of villas to suit groups of all sizes - from intimate two -bedroom places for individual travelers or couples seeking romance to multi-building palatial compounds that can accommodate multiple families, executive retreats, or corporate conferences. Quiet Retreats and Spiritual Rejuvenation Visitors come to Bali from around the world to be steeped in the deep spirituality of the island and its people. Bali is known as a luminous spot of Hindu mysticism in the heart of the largest Muslim nation in the world. As a Hindu people, the Balinese are very spiritual and giving individuals, who love sharing their culture and the many religious celebrations and ceremonies they perform throughout the year. Visitors can experience such celebrations as Balinese Saka New Year, Waisak Day, Eid-ul Adha, Eid-ul Fitr, and many others. For seekers of spiritual awareness and rejuvenation looking for a serene villa Bali has much to offer. Quiet private villas are to be found tucked away down tiny side streets in unassuming Balinese villages off the beaten "tourist" path, many within walking distance of a number of working Hindu temples.

 In Pursuit of Wellness The Island of the Gods has also established itself as one of the top health and wellness destinations in all of Asia. Many of the newer resorts, hotels, and villas that have begun flourishing recently on the island are top-of-the-line retreats for physical fitness and detoxing, offering villa guests facilities such as heated vitality pools, massage spas, pilates studios, and yoga pavilions. Guests can enjoy healthy indulgences such as seaside massages, spa treatments, Ayurvedic therapies, nutritional consultations, and gourmet vegetarian cuisine. Wellness resorts offering villas in Bali can be found throughout the island, in seaside villages or further inland among the tranquil rice fields. With their traditional architecture, lush private garden spaces, and open, spacious living areas, guests have plenty of room and a relaxing, rejuvenating environment for yoga, meditation, and energizing personal time. Experience the Magic of Bali Visitors to the Island of the Gods find the tropical oasis welcoming, rejuvenating, and exhilarating. Long term rental of luxury villas in Bali makes it possible for visitors to stay for extended periods to soak in the magic of the people and the land. A private villa gives visitors a peaceful and serene living space that can be a "home base" from which they can experience all of Bali's cultural riches, recreational opportunities, and beautiful, inspiring vistas. The tropical travel destination of Bali, the Island of the Gods, offers so many incredible activities and experiences to visitors that travelers often return home with the feeling that they cut their vacation or holiday far too short. Bali should not really be considered a "weekend getaway", but more of an "extended stay" destination. For that reason, many Bali accommodation offerings provide the option of long term rental. Bali villa long term rental options include modern luxury villas in the hottest tourist spots on the island - with well-trained, English-speaking staff and every modern convenience - as well as the more private villa experience in off-the-beaten-path and inland locations for those wanting a more authentic experience with the landscape and the local culture. Depending upon the makeup of the traveling party - an individual looking for peace and quiet, a family with children seeking "family vacation recreation," an industry convention, or an executive retreat - different Bali villa rental alternatives are available to suit the various needs of visitors. Where to Stay People visit the Island of the Gods for many different reasons, and the best place for you to seek Bali villas for rent depends upon what draws you. Many visitors to Bali come for the island's diverse vistas of beach, volcanic hills, and farmlands. For others, the appeal may lie in the serenity and spiritual culture found in outlying areas and small Balinese villages. Many families are seeking the unique blend of modern luxury and exciting tourist attraction with Balinese culture. Each region of Bali has its own distinct local flavor, recreation, and accommodation offerings. • The South-West Coast: The areas of Seminyak, Oberoi, and Petitenget are the most highly-sought vacation areas for those seeking all the modern conveniences and attractions of a tropical tourist spot. The southwest coast is characterized by trendy night clubs and shopping areas, high-end restaurants and cocktail bars, and access to many tours, marine adventures, and family-friendly recreational activities. Travelers renting villas in Seminyak and the surrounding area can enjoy the peacefulness and serenity of their private accommodations, then travel only minutes to the busy white sand beaches and Bali's most popular restaurants and boutique shops. • The Heart of the Island: Ubud and the surrounding area boast beautiful examples of traditional Balinese architecture, culture, and art. The main road through the region is lined with small villages specializing in different traditional arts and crafts, from silversmithing and woodcarving to painting and dancing. Ubud proper is considered the cultural heart of Bali - and an international art center - with avenues lined by art galleries, craft shops, and charming cafes. • North and West Coasts: These regions, though less developed than the southern part of the island, offer plenty to see and do, as well as hidden gems of private villas to stay in. Among a long list of activities, visitors can enjoy dolphin spotting, snorkeling, exploring Bali Barat National Park, and even a visit to the Pemuteran Turtle Hatchery Project, where lucky visitors may be able to release a baby turtle into the ocean. • The East: Time seems to have passed over the eastern region of Bali. Quiet roadways meander through rice fields, banana trees, and ancient settlements, scattered around the base of Bali's largest volcano - Gunung Agung. Visitors can soak up the local culture and spiritual serenity along many peaceful footpaths leading to temples, streams, and mesmerizing waterfalls. Beaches on the east coast are less crowded and have retained all of their natural volcanic beauty. Bali's gorgeous beaches, swaying palm trees, and amazingly warm azure waters deliver all the most desirable benefits of a tropical island vacation spot. With the extra dimensions of both a sublimely spiritual local culture to immerse yourself in, and an incredible array of activities - from wildly adventurous to relaxing and family-friendly - it is very unlikely that Bali visitors will ever experience a "bored" moment. No matter where you are looking for a long-term stay in a villa Bali offers an incredible array of sizes, price ranges, and amenities. Rent a villa in Bali today, and make your trip to the Island of the Gods an unforgettable journey.


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